Manifolds and connections for pure gases

Manifolds and connections


Delta p proposes manifolds, racks and pigtails for all types of cylinders.


Pure gases manifolds

  • Delta P pure gases manifolds are ideally suited to centralize pipeline systems for analysis laboratories and gas chromatography and they have been conceived for the specific use with non-corrosive pure gases
  • Any cylinder place is equipped with purge valve and shut-off valve, this has a stainless steel anti-diffusion membrane between the rob and the shutter in order to assure a perfect seal and avoiding the contamination of the gases
  • Manifolds are available for 1 ,2 and 3 cylinder seats
  • Suitable for inert, combustive, combustible and acetylene gases
  • All manifolds are mounted on a strong steel support
  • This devices are supplied with pressure switch connection
  • Upon request, as all the dLab range, they can be supplied with leak test by mass spectrometer with helium tracking gas.

Pigtails and flexible connections

  • Suitable for inert, combustive, combustible gases
  • Pigtails available in copper pipe and in AISI 316 flexible pipe
  • Many kinds of gas-specific cylinder connections are available.