Terminal units DIN 13 260-2


These devices are intended to be installed as terminal units in medical gas pipeline systems in accordance to requirements of ISO 7396-1 standard. They are conceived and manufactured according to DIN 13 260-2 and ISO 9170-1 standards

They are composed of two different parts: the base block that must be connected to the

pipeline system by a braze welding and the terminal part that connected to the base block allows the distribution of the medical gases and vacuum when the probe is plugged.

The connection between the terminal unit and the probe is specific and has been projected to avoid any connection with devices that uses different gases.

The vacuum level is adjusted by the proper regulation valve and maintained stabilized by the intermittent works of the pumps. The transducer read and shows continuously the generated vacuum level.


  • Sockets equipped with “PARKING SYSTEM” to avoid the rapid expulsion of probe
  • Available sockets: socket with plastic ferrule and socket with aluminium ferrule
  • Available base blocks: with soldering coupler or with hose connection
  • Available probes: with 90° hose connection or G1/4 female connection
  • Regulatory Standards: DIN 13 260-2 ISO 9170-1
  • CE marked products as medical devices in accordance to 93/42/EEC Directive
  • Degreased in accordance with ISO 15001
  • Both wall embedded installation kit box and external mounting kit box are available
  • External wall mounting with stainless steel box is available upon request