ISO 7396-1



Delta P alarm series has been specifically projected to respect the requirements of the ISO 7396-1 and IEC 60601-1-8 standards during the monitoring of the medical gases pressure. Different types of modules are available like the central unit alarms, the reporting alarms and the line or floor alarms. All this modules with an additional internal board and combined with other modules can create control sytems on RS 485  line.


Depending on the display type, 2 models are available:

  • Medical alarms with LEDs display
  • Medical alarms with programmable digital display


  • Medical Devices in compliance with 93/42/EEC standard
  • Normally closed configuration (alarms open contacts)
  • Buzzer silencing by RESET pushbutton
  • Restore of the buzzer after 15 minutes in case the alarm is still present, immediate restore in case of a new alarm
  • Acoustic signalisation by buzzer in compliance with IEC 60601-1-8
  • Frontal TEST pushbutton to check the effective working of all the visible and acoustic indications.
  • Cumulative reporting alarm output
  • Automatic reset in the absence of alarms
  • Cumulative alarm signals report by relay
  • Protection fuse integrated
  • Possibility to connect to a relay unit interface
  • Possibility to fix in enclosure far external or wallembedded
  • Visible signalisations by high efficiency LEDs (for LED display model)
  • Back lighted high visibility liquid crystal display (for digital display model)



  • Automatic reset in the absence of alarms
  • Additional card far interface to BUS system