Automatic supply unit with by pass C-SR-2210M/B


This unit has been designed according to the ISO 7396-1 and it is suitable to be installed in certified medical gas pipeline systems. The first stage reducer is equipped by a servomotor membrane and a partially self-cleaning ball shutter, it is designed and produced according to ISO 10524-2 and has successfully withstood the adiabatic compression test.

The automatic change-over system is controlled by a pneumatic switch-over device equipped with a visible piston that shows the working side. This unit is also equipped with a special by-pass system used in case of maintenance in order not to stop the gas flow rate to the line.


  • First stage reducers realized according to the ISO 10524-2.
  • Shut-off valves with metallic seat and shutter; that have successfully withstood the adiabatic compression test as required by the ISO 7396-1.
  • High and low pressure gauges according to EN 837-1.
  • High pressure switches preset at 20 bar, that have successfully withstood the adiabatic compression test.
  • Gas specific inlet connections.
  • Stainless steel support panel for wall mounting and transparent cover.
  • By-pass system for continuity of supply in case of maintenance
  • In compliance with the UNI EN ISO 15001 standard