Delta p compressed air systems are designed in accordance with HTM 2022/ 02-01 standards requirements.

The fallowing configurations are available:

  • DUPLEX CONFIGURATION: composed by two compressor sources
  • TRIPLEX CONFIGURATION: composed by three compressor sources
  • QUADRUPLEX CONFIGURATION: composed by faur compressor In this configuration, compressors work coupled in pairs of two units far each source of supply, to ensure the full design flow


All these configurations may be arranged to supply both medical air [Air-400] and surgical air [Air-800].

Two working modes are provided:

  1. AUTOMATIC MODE: the whole system is controlled by a PLC that provides to the management of:
  • System Equipments
  • Alarm conditions
  • Changeovers
  • Service information


  1. MANUAL MODE: by means of a selector switch on the panel, the user may select manually the duty equipment, bypassing the control of The manual mode could be used in when the fallowing events occur:
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency conditions
  • Anomaly of the system  operation

All the configurations are provided with EMERGENCY RESERVE SOURCES to ensure the continuity of supply in case of failure of compressor sources. They are automatic cylinder manifold, monitored by an electronic alarm system that reports to a MODULAR CONTROL BOARD alarm conditions, when they occur.


  • High efficiency and reliability rotary screw air compressors
  • Air refrigeration dryers to ensure air pressure dew point complying to ISO 8573-1 :2010 class humidity
  • Wide range of Air storage tank equipped with internal VITROFLEX cladding (for use with medicinal air)
  • Adsorption dryers far medicinal use. They allow to dehydrate compressed air, reaching a deeper dew-point than by using a refrigerated air dryer [from -20° C down to -60/-70° C].They are also equipped with filters for oil and dust removal
  • Touch screen control panel with PLC designed to manage the whole air station in DUPLEX,TRIPLEX, or QUADRUPLEX configuration. lt ensures the monitoring of the whole air production system and it is provided with AUTOMATIC RESTART after a main power failure. All signals alarms and status are in compliance to the HTM 2022 and HTM 02-01 memorandum