Automatic central unit with 4 regulators 2210M and 2 regulators 2250M C-2x2210M-2250M


Automatic changeover supply unit for medical gases high flow rate. It is composed of four high pressure valves with metal seat and metal plug, four pressure reducers 2210M series, two pressure reducers 2250M series and a pneumatic system for the changeover between the ramp in dispensing and the secondary source and vice versa.

The supply unit was provided of a by-pass system, with the aim of ensuring the gas supply even in the case become necessary maintenance interventions, in fact each pressure reducer and the driving part can be isolated (thanks to the special ball valves ) allowing the partial operation of the supply unit and thus ensure the continuity of supply.


  • The use of two first-stage reducers mounted in parallel, which allows to guarantee high flow delivery (up to 200 Nm3 / h)
  • First stage and second stage Pressure Reducers in accordance with ISO 10524-2 standard
  • Shut-off valves with high pressure metal plug and seat, these valves have passed the adiabatic compression test as required by ISO 7396-1.
  • High and low pressure gauges according to EN 837-1
  • Pressure of high pressure pre-calibrated at 20 bar, have passed the test of adiabatic compression
  • System by-pass
  • Incoming Connections varied according to gas