Automatic double stage supply unit C-2210M-2251M/MP with microprocessor electronic control


This unit has been realized according to the ISO 7396-1 and it is suitable to be installed in medical gas pipeline systems.

The double stage reducing system with separate reducers makes this specific unit perfectly suitable to be used also with systems that use the full reduction at the unit level with low pressure output(5 bar).

The double stage system can grant an high output stability according to the variations of the inlet pressure.

An integrated control system with microprocessor allows to control the switch-over between primary and secondary source and to monitor and display all the parameters of the supply unit.


  • 2 pressure reducers first stage series 2210M CE marked for medical use
  • 2 pressure reducers second stage series 2251M CE marked for medical use
  • 2 high pressure on/off valves
  • 2 pressure transducers 4-20 mA to monitor the pressure charge of the cylinder
  • 1 microprocessor display system to control the switch-over and the status of the system
  • 1 pressure transducer to monitor outlet pressure
  • Visualisation of the pressure for the two high pressure sources and the outlet pressure.
  • Local visible and acoustic and signalisation for the alarm signals medium and high priority type according to the ISO 7396-1 standard.
  • Control of the switch-over process for the two sources.
  • Possibility to transmit all the data by a phone line
  • Possibility to control the switch-over process by the phone line.
  • Possibility to control other pressure transducer and pressure switch.