Automatic double stage supply unit with by pass C-2210M-2251M/S


This unit has been realized according to the ISO 7396-1 and it is suitable to be installed in certified medical gas pipeline systems.

The double stage reducing system with separate reducers makes this specific unit perfectly suitable to be used also with systems that use the full reduction at the unit level with low pressure output(5 bar).

The double stage system can grant an high output stability according to the variations of the inlet pressure.

The automatic switch-over system is controlled by a pressure regulator equipped with a pressure gauge and a precise adjusting valve, a small lever on the front panel allows to set the primary source.


  • First and second stage reducer realized according to the ISO 10524-2.
  • Shut-off valves with metallic seat and shutter; they have successfully withstood the adiabatic compression test as required by the ISO 7396-1;
  • High and Low pressure gauges according to EN 837-1;
  • High pressure switches preset at 20bar, they have successfully withstood the adiabatic compression test;
  • Gas specific inlet connections;
  • By-pass system to ensure continuity of supply in case of maintenance
  • White powder painted containing case.