ISO 7396-1



Area shut-off valves have been designed according to the ISO 7396-1 standard.

They are installed at the floors to intercept the areas of the healthcare facilities according to the medical gas pipeline system design and they have been projected to have a very low pressure drop.

The main purposes of this device are:

-Possibility to create physical isolation during downstream system


-To supply an emergency inlet and outlet connection;

-To grant a fast access to the pipeline in case of fire or any other malfunctions.

Two model available:

  • AVSUs with integrated alarm system
  • AVSU without integrated alarm system


  • From 1 to 7 gas service configuration
  • Area valves available both in horizontal and vertical configuration
  • Emergency NIST connection installed on a gas specific connection;
  • Shut-off ball valve;
  • System to create physical isolation in case of downstream system modifications as required by ISO 7396-1;
  • Integrated Pressure gauges;
  • Metal box equipped with key lock and emergency opening.
  • All components are cleaned in accordance with ISO 15001.
  • Pressure switches (available only in the model with integrated alarm);
  • Integrated alarm module with display or LEDs (available only in the model with integrated alarm) fully complying to ISO 7396-1 standard