For more than 30 years, Delta P has been designing and producing oxygen supply units for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, always offering customers the highest quality and efficacy.

Medical gas supply units are used to supply specific gases and gas mixtures, especially oxygen, to the patients who require supplemental oxygen via mask.

The oxygen supply unit is the most important building block of hospital medical gas systems. This unit reduces the high pressure of the oxygen coming from the tubes in order to provide the desired pressure value needed in hospitals. Gas supply units are equipped with emergency lines and backup supplies in accordance with medical standards: if the gas pressure value reaches a lower or higher level, the sensors on the unit activate the emergency alarm. At the same time, when the system pressure rises above a specific value, the discharge valve is automatically opened, preventing any possible damage. The oxygen pressure level of the system can be visually monitored on the digital alarm panel screen.

Delta P produces a wide range of compressed gas supply units for medical systems in accordance with ISO 7396-1 and HTM 2022-02-01 standards with the purpose of meeting the needs of modern market and the various fields of application. Visit all the sections on our website dedicated to these types of products and discover all their technical characteristics!

Choose Delta P: one of the leading manufacturers of compressed gas supply units that blends great experience, quality and client satisfaction in its work.