Second stage pressure regulators


Second stage pressure regulators  that combine two reducing groups with bypass system and the functions of a shut-off area valve as required by the ISO 7396-1 standard, to cut down installation costs. Suitably positioned inside of the medical facility, could carry out the function of a shut-off valve, single or combined with a ball valve with NAMUR sensor.

The reduction valve is equipped with a compensated shutter in order to assure more stability in the outlet pressure in case of variations of the inlet pressure.

The reducers are composed of an aluminium cap and a brass enlock body chemical nickel plated with diaphragm servomotor, this assembling assures at the same time, solidity, sturdiness and accuracy of the outlet pressure.

Built up with brass moulded monoblock body to reduce the number of connections that are the cause of potential leakages.


  • Small overall dimensions.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Easy and quick maintenance of each reducing group.
  • The substitution of pressure gauges, pressure
  • switches and reducing groups can be done withoutgas interruption.
  • High flow rate
  • Excellent stability of the outlet pressure at different flow-rates.
  • Excellent repeatability of the preset pressure value.
  • Complying to the following regulatory standards:
    • ISO 7396-1 and ISO 7396-2
    • UNI EN ISO 15001 regarding the oxygen compatibility of the anaesthetic and respiratory equipments in medical field.
    • CE marked medical device as required in the D.Lgs. 46/97 (93/42/CEE directive).
    • ISO 10524-2 Standard.
  • Metallic boxes for wall embedding or external mounting to contain VIT 38 pressure regulators are available
  • Boxes are made of white varnished zinc plated metal sheet, provided with key-lock door and emergency opening system
  • Both wall embedded and external wall mounting versions are available