Multi Gas AVSUs are used to isolate a gas supply in the event of an emergency or during installation and maintenance.


Delta p can supply a wide range of line Area Valves Service Units (AVSU) suitable for use in medical gas pipeline systems and realized in accordance with requirements of HTM 2022/02-01 Memorandum.


In particular the following types are available:

  • Single AVSU HTM 2022 / 02-01
  • Multigas AVSU HTM 2022 / 02-01
  • AVSU Module HTM 2022 / 02-01


Modularity: different configuration available on request :

  • from 1 to 6 gases configuration
  • with or without pressure switches,
  • With or without integrated alarm system
  • Housed in a white powder coated steel enclosure
  • Following gases available: O2, N2O, CO2, Medical Air, Surgical Air, Vacuum, N2, 50% N2O/50% O2
  • Access to valve assemblies via key lock or emergency release lever. Emergency release mechanism easily operated with no risk of injury to personnel, reset with the correct key
  • Equipped with NIST connectors either side of the valves for connection of emergency supply or for purging testing and gas sampling and pressure relief valves
  • Comprising Ø22mm or Ø28mm ball valves with copper stub pipes for brazing to the pipeline system
  • Available with or without integrated alarm panel
  • Available with pressure sensors located downstream of valves to monitor pipeline pressure, for connection to area alarm panel
  • Door can be closed with hose assemblies connected to NIST to prevent unauthorized access
  • Flush or surface mounted installation models are available
  • They meets the requirements of:
  • HTM02-01& HTM 2022 Medical Gas Pipeline Systems,
  • BS EN ISO7396-1 Medical Gas Pipeline Systems,
  • BS EN ISO 18082 NIST low pressure connectors for medical gases