Our DMED production line includes pipeline devices and medical gas equipment, medical air stations, BHU pendants and a wide range of accessories. Discover our complete range of DMED products!

DMED was developed to create a new generation of devices for medical gas distribution systems, vacuum and anaesthetic gas scavenging systems in order to meet the needs of demanding facilities with high-quality products and great attention to international standards.

Our medical air stations, manifolds and high-pressure accessories are realized with the purpose of satisfying the most demanding requests of flexibility and security in gas management sector. Our pressure regulators, valves, alarm systems and accessories are perfectly suitable to be used as excellent supplies for the sector of medical equipment. Our bedhead units, pendants and other accessories offer our customers a new level of customization in accordance with the most sophisticated demands.

All the medical gas equipment is manufactured by Delta P in accordance with the latest standards such as ISO 7396-1, ISO 7396-2, HTM 02-01, HTM 2022.