Terminal units for AGSS (Anaesthetic gas scavenging system)


Terminal units complying to ISO 9170-2 (1L) regulatory standard, suitable to be installed as terminal points in anaesthetic gas scavenging systems in accordance to ISO 7396-2 STANDARD.

Two different models are available:

  • AGSS terminal unit – Venturi model: suitable to be installed in AGSS based on Venturi system
  • AGSS terminal unit – Model driven by vacuum pumps: suitable to be installed on a centralized AGSS system based on vacuum pumps


AGSS terminal unit – Venturi model:

  • The vacuum is generated by an exhaust ejector Venturi located inside the terminal unit and driven by compressed air allowing a great versatility of the terminal unit, as it’s enough to drive it with compressed air to obtain the requested vacuum, without using any external vacuum sources.
  • The terminal unit composed of two parts: the base block, intended to be connected to the disposal system by means of welding nut; and the socket, connected to the base by a threaded connection and that contains the connection point where the medical equipments are linked to the gas specific probes.
  • This device includes a correct work visual green indicator of the exhaust ejector Venturi, pneumatically driven.
  • The device is preset in order to meet the flow rate requirements of the ISO 7396-2 standard, it is also possible by a specific integrated device, to set a different flow-rate.
  • This terminal unit can be installed on bed-head units or supplied with wall embedded or external kit for wall mounting.
  • Standard of reference: ISO 9170-2, ISO 7396-2


AGSS terminal unit – Model driven by vacuum pumps:

  • Terminal unit for AGSS suitable for use with in centralized systems driven by vacuum pumps
  • Base realized in brass and terminal part in chemical nickel plated brass with frontal serigraphed PVC ring.
  • The locking/unlocking probe system is performed by the frontal ring.
  • This unit can be installed directly on bed-head units or in external or wall embedding boxes.
  • Standard of reference: ISO 9170-2, ISO 7396-2