Emergency reserve supply unit C-LH-HTM


The emergency reserve supply unit C-LH-HTM/S complies to HTM 2022, HTM02-01, ISO 7396-1 and ISO 10524-2 standards.

The emergency reserve manifold is designed to supply the pipeline in case of a primary supply failure. The manifold is designed according to the primary supply’s specific requirements as indicated in HTM02-01 standard. It is provided with possibility of connection to central alarm system, placed on primary supply’s manifold.

The emergency reserve manifold is mounted on a stainless steel panel.

The system is supplied fully assembled and tested.


  • Mounted on a stainless steel panel
  • First and second stage reducer realized according to the ISO 10524-2.
  • Equipped with a test point terminal unit, complying to BS5682 standard
  • Lockable valve with a padlock for connection of test point to the output of supply unit
  • The manifold is supplied fully equipped with pressure gauges, pressure switches, pressure relief valves
  • Equipped with pre-wired electrical contact pressure gauges for connection to an external alarm system
  • Pressure regulators are CE marked as medical devices in accordance to 93/42/EEC Directive
  • Degreased in accordance to ISO 15001
  • All components of systems which can be exposed to cylinder pressure in normal or single fault condition have passed the test for resistance to ignition in accordance with ISO10524-2 and ISO 15001