Delta P is one of the leading manufacturers of medical air compressors that designs and produces high-quality and efficient products for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

A medical air compressor is an integral part of medical air delivery systems. Basically, medical air compressors are part of piped systems and are designed to supply clean, dry, odourless, and compressed air. Through different complex mechanisms, the compressor forces a large amount of air into a storage tank. As it compresses more air, the pressure increases inside the tank and this allows the tools and breathing apparatus to work in different medical and dental settings.

Medical air compressors play a crucial role in hospital air systems becoming the true heart of operations. They need to meet high precision standards because they deliver the air that vulnerable patients breathe.

Delta P produces a wide range of medical air compressors in accordance with ISO 7396-1 and HTM 2022-02-01 standards with the purpose of meeting the needs of modern market and the various fields of application. Visit all the sections on our website dedicated to these types of products and discover all their technical characteristics!

Choose Delta P: one of the leading manufacturers of medical air compressors that blends great experience, quality and client satisfaction in its work.