For more than 30 years, Delta P has been designing and producing medical vacuum stations for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, always offering customers the highest quality and efficacy.

Vacuum stations are an essential part in healthcare facilities and are used to ensure the surgical drainage of pleural or pericardial effusions or to declutter the airways by aspiration. The vacuum is obtained through the use of mechanical pumps that create a negative pressure in the piping system. In order to fulfill this purpose, the vacuum pumps remove the gas contained in the chamber to which they are connected through pipes. This negative pressure is used for suctioning patients and for anesthetic gas scavenging system.

Delta P produces a wide range of medical vacuum stations in accordance with ISO 7396-1 and HTM2022-02-01 standards with the purpose of meeting the needs of modern market and the various fields of application.

Choose Delta P: one of the leading manufacturers of medical vacuum stations that blends great experience, quality and client satisfaction in its work.