ISO 7396-1



The medical / surgical air station AIRTOUCH_S is intended to supply breathable air for medical use in accordance to requirements of European Pharmacopoeia Monograpgh

The Delta p air station has safety characteristics in order to ensure the continuity of supply also in the event of critical conditions, and anyway in normal and single fault conditions in compliance to UNI EN ISO 7396-1 European regulatory standard

The main configurations managed from the control panel are:

  • N°2 sources of supply (Primary and Secondary Source) composed by compressors + n.1 reserve source composed by cylinders
  • N°3 sources of supply (Primary, Secondary and Reserve Source)

The air station is able to supply the whole design flow rate even with 2 of the 3 sources of supply out of service.

All the components of the Management Control System is integrated in a metallic box except for the electro-pneumatic block, that will be installed downstream the air vessels.

The Management and Control System monitors and displays also alarms coming from cylinders source of supply.

The AIRTOUCH_S control panel is composed by:

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with colour Touch screen control panel 3.5” / 5.7”
  • Modbus RTU Master communication
  • Power supply 110 – 230 Vac


  • High efficiency and reliability rotary screw air compressors
  • Air refrigeration dryers to ensure air pressure dew point complying to ISO 8573-1 :2010 class 4 humidity
  • Wide range of Air storage tank equipped with internal VITROFLEX cladding (for use with medicinal air)
  • Adsorption dryers for medicinal use. They allow to dehydrate compressed air, reaching a deeper dew-point than by using a refrigerated air dryer (from -20° C down to -60/-70° C).They are also equipped with filters for oil and dust removal
  • The AIRTOUCH_S touch screen (3,5” or 5,7”) control panel with PLC is designed to manage the whole air station in configurations: