2nd stage pressure regulators for pure gases

Second stage pressure regulator for pure gases and pure gases outlets


By series 3240 2nd stage, delta P s.r.l. proposes pressure regulators for non toxic and non corrosive pure gases. These regulators are ideally suited for being used in analysis laboratories, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.

In addition  to 3240 pressure regulators, different models of outlets are available to allow the installation of pressure regulator in the pipeline system.


3240 2nd stage pressure regulators

  • All 3240 regulators have metal bellow (tombac, for C2H2, AISI 316), which respect to a system with membrane of the same diameter ensure more accuracy in the regulation of the pressure.
  • Upon request and for special application the bellow can be AISI 316.
  • Regulators for combustible gases and AISI 316 version have conveyable discharging outlets on the cover.
  • As all the dLab range also these reducers can be supplied with leak test by mass spectrometer with helium tracking gas.
  • To install the pressure regulator in the pipeline system suitable outlets are available as described below

Pure gases outlets for 3240 2nd stage pressure regulators

  • Pure gases outlets are automatic valves which placed along side the piping to allow the connection of second stage pressure regulators series 3240 2nd stage to the pipeline system
  • They are often used fixed on the wall or on the laboratory desks allowing they use of the gas in different places
  • These outlets are available for both combustible and non combustible gases (different connection thread) and are all equipped with shut-off service valve in order to guarantee a safe locking
  • Models available: 1 place, 2 places, 3 places, 4 places, 5 places
  • AISI 316 version and wall-through pure gas outlet are also available
  • AISI 316 version is supplied without the shut-off service valve